I must say, this lot’s been through the mill!  I just finished re-reading them all for the nth time in less than two weeks.  Of course, that meant a whole lot of lost hours of sleep, but very well worth it indeed.  Harry Potter books have, and always will be, such a marvelous read – just perfect for de-stressing.  No matter how many times I plow through them over and over again, it still seems as I’m reading them for the first time; truly splendid.  J.K. Rowling surely was at the peak of her writing prowess when she came up with this.


4 thoughts on “De-stressing

  1. Harry Potter, my constant companion growing up.
    For as long as I can remember, there was Harry Potter.

    Sadly, it doesnt look like a feat that could be repeated

    • It’s just amazing how the characters, plots, and everything else was created. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that J.K. Rowling will have another burst of inspiration and come up with something as great (or even greater) than Harry Potter!

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